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Child Care Referral Service 

  • The Child Care Council has provided a referral service since 1984.


  • The Child Care Referral Service is available for parents/guardians seeking to secure child care in Chemung County. Information regarding child care needs (ie: ages of children, hours of care needed; specific needs; location) is collected in order to match potential child care programs that will meet the child care needs.​


  • Parents are encouraged to visit potential child care programs to determine if the program will meet the needs of their child.  Parents are also provided information to assist them in locating quality early care and education programs. Parents are also encouraged to visit the NYS Office of Children and Family Services website and click on child care. The regulations governing child care can be located on this site. 


  • Funding for this service is provided by the NYS Office of Children and Family Services.


  • Parents can receive child care referrals by phone; fax, email, in-person, or via the link on our website. 


  • Child Care Programs update the Child Care Council regarding availability of openings in their programs.

For more information on the referral service please contact:

Anita Quinitchett, Referral/CACFP Specialist                                                             Carol Marshall, Assistant Director

(607) 734-3941 Ext. 204                                                                                                     (607) 734-3941 Ext. 205                                                                                   

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