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For more information please contact:

Kellie Lockwood, Executive Director
(607) 734-3941 Ext. 217


Do you expect top performance from your employees? Then you should know about the many ways that you and other business leaders can help to ensure that your employees have quality child care alternatives:

•    Information and education

•    Financial assistance — provide employee subsidies, flexible benefits or flexible spending accounts

•    Creative personnel policies — offer flex-time, job sharing and work-at-home options

•    Provide information during employee orientation on the services of 5C’s 

•    The Child Care Council can come on site and offer workshops to employees like “lunch and learn”  opportunities related to child care and child rearing

Protect Your Bottom Line

By taking a more active role regarding child care, you can reduce the problems your company may experience with recruitment, retention, absenteeism, productivity and morale. With quality child care in place, your employees can give you their best every day, which helps to safeguard your bottom line.  

Child Care Keeps New York Working

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