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Child Care Subsidies 

  • The Child Care Council has administered the child care subsidy program since 1984.


  • The Subsidy program is available to assist income eligible families with the cost of their child care expenses. Parents must apply for the service and provide documentation of income and employment and residency in Chemung County. Subsidies for families that are clients of the Chemung County Department of Social Services must be referred through their caseworker . 


  • Parent’s pay a family share directly to their child care program. 


  • The Chemung County Department of Social Services reviews and approves or denies cases based on regulations set forth by the NYS Office of Children and Family Services.


  • Parents must re-apply on an annual basis in order to continue to receive this service. 


  • The current income guidelines are available below in the "More Information" section of this page.


  • The Child Care Council processes billing for the subsidy program based on criteria and software applications set forth by the Chemung County Department of Social Services. 


  • The Child Care Time and Attendance Program (CCTA) is used for billing for child care services provided. 


  • Child Care Programs submit their time and attendance online. Child Care Programs MUST also submit their hard copy attendance sheets SIGNED by the parents. A scanner is available at the Child Care Council during regular business hours for use by programs to scan their signed attendance sheets.

More Information

Chemung County Child Care Council  



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